Music and the Social Model

Jane Williams, Rachel Purtell

Music and the Social Model
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Published28th April 2013
Print ISBN9780857006363
PublisherJessica Kingsley Publishers
Subjects:Occupational therapy, Creative therapy (eg art, music, drama), Teaching of students with special educational needs
Thema 1.1:MQT, MQTC, JNS
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Music has always been an essential part of what it is to be human and yet not everyone has access to the music-based opportunities others take for granted. Motivated by the belief that individuals are disabled by society rather than any impairment they might have, Jane Williams sets out to show how someone with learning difficulties can engage with music in as many diverse and fulfilling ways as the rest of their community and generation. This practical guide will equip you with everything you need to know to help empower people with learning difficulties to experience and enjoy music, meaningfully. It sets out activity ideas in the context of existing Occupational Therapy models and offers a host of tips, resources and ready-to-use themed lesson plans to inspire and enrich your practice. There are also many practical examples and real-life success stories that show how to put the theory into practice, including downloadable tracks composed and performed by The LA Buskers, a band Jane works with. Accessible, practical and inspirational, the unique approaches described in this book will be of immeasurable interest to occupational therapists, social care workers responsible for planning and delivering activity programmes as well as community musicians.

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Table of Contents

Music and the Social Model4
The title of this book: The original working title of this book was…11
Introduction: How to use this book13
Part 1: Theory17
What is Music? An overview of the elements of music18
Why Music? The relationship between music and human occupation22
Music and The Social Model of Disability28
Music and Occupational Therapy35
The Occupational Therapy Tool Kit: Paradigms, frames of reference and models of practice40
A Social Model OT Process48
Creating an Enabling Environment60
Part 2: Practice73
Enabling Participation in Music: Activity analysis and planning using an OT tool kit74
Journeys: Applying a Social Model OT process123
An Introduction to Music Group Sessions135
Large Music Group Session Plans144
Small Group and One-to-One Sessions172
Appendix 1: The lyrics to some of our songs.183
Appendix 2: An introduction to some useful music theory192
Appendix 3: Composition templates196
Appendix 4: List of songs and instrumental works mentioned in the book199
Appendix 5: Inventory of instruments, equipment and resources204