The End of Energy Obesity

Peter Tertzakian, Keith Hollihan

The End of Energy Obesity
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Published8th June 2009
Print ISBN9780470435441
Edition1st edition
Subjects:Economics, Finance, Business & Management
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Praise For The End of Energy Obesity

"Peter Tertzakian has succeeded once again. He outlines a visionary approach to meeting the serious challenges of the world's projected population growth, continued economic growth, and increasing living standards. This book is a clarion call to policymakers, business leaders, and energy consumers everywhere."
Guy Caruso, Senior Advisor, CSIS, Washington, D.C. (former Administrator, U.S. Energy Information Administration)

"Peter Tertzakian is one of the great energy thinkers of our time. In this compelling book, he examines the factors that will drive global energy demand and addresses the critical energy issue of our time: How can mankind bring its ever-growing demand for energy under control?"
Hal Kvisle, CEO, TransCanada Corporation

"Anyone interested in understanding the forces that drive conflict and instability when it comes to energy should read Peter Tertzakian's important book, The End of Energy Obesity. Mr. Tertzakian makes it clear that the road ahead is difficult but not impossible. For those interested in how to attack the energy problem today for a better future, this is a must-read book."
General John P. Abizaid (Ret.), former Combatant Commander, U.S. Central Command, and member of the SAFE Energy Security Leadership Council

"The End of Energy Obesity is a fresh look at a pressing problem . . . thought-provoking writing that's a must-read for those concerned about the way forward for the industrialized world."
The Honourable Peter MacKay, Minister of Defence and Minister for the Atlantic Gateway, Government of Canada

"Peter Tertzakian's prose is fun to read, and the analogies are so apt. For anyone concerned about how we go on an energy diet, this book is a must-read."
Matthew R. Simmons, Chairman, Simmons & Company International, author of Twilight in the Desert: The Coming Saudi Oil Shock and the World Economy

"This book explores the critical role networked IT solutions play in changing the way energy is used and delivered. The network truly becomes a platform for monitoring and managing energy consumption in a much more efficient way, and we expect the benefits to accelerate as the network becomes more pervasive. Tertzakian shows the reader how networked collaboration technologies such as TelePresence can enable powerful, face-to-face interactions while reducing our energy appetite and carbon footprint."
John Chambers, Chairman and CEO, Cisco

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Table of Contents

The End of Energy Obesity: Breaking Today's Energy Addiction for a Prosperous and Secure Tomorrow1
A New Vocabulary14
Chapter 1: After the Banquet23
The First Principle of Energy Consumption26
The Way We Live29
Breaking the First Principle31
Chapter 2: Whetting the Energy Appetite39
1776: A Pivotal Year41
Producing a Break Point Innovation43
Compelling Qualities45
Electrifying the World47
A Car in Every Driveway49
Birth of an Industry51
The Insistence of Comfort, Luxury, and Plenty55
Chapter 3: The First Principle of Energy Consumption59
The Way We Eat59
WealthyWorld and WantingWorld61
The First Principle and the American Dream68
Getting Everyone on the Scales71
Chapter 4: The World’s Factory75
The Second Banquet77
The Power of Wealth82
The Hidden Consumption of the Middle Class85
A Two-Sided Principle88
A Common Tragedy92
Chapter 5: Breaking Our Energy Diet97
Dietary Evolution100
Two Heart Attacks and a Menu Change104
A Restrictive Menu108
In Need of a Break Point Innovation111
Chapter 6: Price and Value115
More Inconvenient Truths116
Nine Energy Attributes120
Price, Value, and Relative Utility127
The Tenth, Overlooked Attribute129
The Perfect Garden133
Chapter 7: Eating Our Efficiencies135
The Rebound Effect137
The Rebound Effect Today140
Like the Energizer Bunny145
Chapter 8: Complex Carbons147
Subordinating Policies, the Right Way up150
Chapter 9: The Maddening Allure of the First Principle157
That 70’s Show: A Sitcom We’ve Seen Before158
Fast-Forward to Today161
What Next?164
Chapter 10: The Asymmetry Principle167
Our Mind-Set at Our Command169
An Absurd Yet Compelling Offer170
Wasted Kernels172
Stepping through the Asymmetry173
Our Asymmetrical Roads177
The Alternative Energy Source of the Future180
Asymmetry on Walden Pond182
Chapter 11: Beyond Nostalgia185
The Technology Bug187
iPhone versus Prius189
Nostalgic Innovation191
Four Nonenergy Energy Trends194
A Car Is Still a Car199
Chapter 12: Conservation 2.0201
The Resurrection of Personal Virtue203
A Price for Everything204
Clever Homes207
Smarter Roads, Too212
A Future That’s Already Here213
Chapter 13: Dissolving Distance215
The Great Mash-Up218
Virtually Everything227
The Next Productivity and Entertainment Miracle233
Chapter 14: A Low-Carb, Highly-Scalable Diet235
The Diet of a Distant Past237
The Beginning and End of the Euphoric Era238
The Unconventional Third Act242
The Low-Carb Substitute244
Fuel of the Future246
Chapter 15: The Energy Health Craze249
Shining Lights251
Top Runner253
Reasons to Cycle256
The First Principle Beaten257
Different Shapes and Sizes258
American Health Check260
Prescreening and Avoiding the Next Health Scare267
Epilogue: Leadership on the Commons269
About the Author309