Nursing Care of the Hospitalized Older Patient

Terry Mahan Buttaro, Kate A. Barba

Nursing Care of the Hospitalized Older Patient
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Published5th September 2012
Print ISBN9780813810461
Edition1st edition
Subjects:Geriatric nursing
Thema 1.1:MQCL4
123Library ID:55042

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Nursing Care for the Hospitalized Older Patient is a comprehensive, quick-reference for nurses and advanced practice nurses working with older patients in a hospital setting. Organized in user-friendly format, the book provides vital information on all aspects of hospital care and the full range of health issues encountered by elderly patients.

The book is organized into four major sections. The first section provides an overview of the aging patient, including demographics, normal aging changes, and the general impact of hospitalization. The second section covers proper health assessment, providing guidance on history taking and evaluating laboratory values. The third section is the largest part of the book and is made up of short, similarly-structured chapters dedicated to individual clinical issues ranging from burns to depression. These chapters are organized by body system to maximize ease of use. The book concludes with a section on special considerations that cross common clinical areas, such as palliative care, pain management, fall prevention, and discharge planning.

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