Group Work

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Group Work
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Published20th April 2009
Print ISBN9780470288962
Edition1st edition
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Thorough, hands-on guidance for conducting group work in nonprofit, public, and for-profit agency settings.

Because it improves access, is cost-effective, and can be modified to conform to evidence-based practice, group work has become the treatment approach of choice in a broad range of human service agencies. Written in an approachable manner that allows for direct translation of concepts into practice, Group Work: A Practical Guide to Developing Groups in Agency Settings provides a dual emphasis on clinical group skills along with a thorough understanding of agency systems that is necessary to meet the demands of today's practice settings.

Written by two experts in the field, this book offers:

  • Practical, detailed, ready-to-use group treatment plans, including group objectives, weekly session guidelines, discussion topics, activities, relevant research, and other essential tools

  • Coverage of the three major types of agenciesnonprofit, public, and for-profitsupported by research and evidence-based treatments that reflect practitioners' actual experiences

  • A unique agency perspective that includes coverage of agency structure, policies, history, staff, politics, informal and formal norms, and diverse client populations

Group Work also contains a resourceful CD-ROM with over fifty different Group Profiles that can be customized to suit clients' unique styles and needs. Addressing a wide variety of psychological issues frequently encountered in therapy work with groups,the Group Profiles cover a range of clients across the lifespanchildren, adolescents, adults, older adults, and the medically ill. Topics covered in these Group Profiles include anxiety, depression, divorce adjustment, substance abuse, foster care, trauma, chronic pain, anger management, hospice, weight management/obesity prevention, teen pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, and many more.

Clear, concise, and current, Group Work: A Practical Guide to Developing Groups in Agency Settings is a useful resource from which professionals will gain the knowledge, skills, and awareness of the many intricacies involved in working with diverse groups within different agency settings. Its easy-to-follow presentation will enable all mental health professionals to successfully apply a variety of concepts, ideas, and skills into their group work practice.

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

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Table of Contents

Group Work: A Practical Guide to Developing Groups in Agency Settings1
About the Authors11
Part I: Introduction19
Chapter 1: Introduction to Group Practice21
Group Work22
Historical Roots of Group Work34
Benefits and Drawbacks of Group Work39
Current Trends45
Using an Integrative Approach in Group Work47
In Closing49
Part II: Developing Group Skills51
Chapter 2: Fundamentals of Group Work53
Understanding Group Dynamics and Process53
In Closing80
Chapter 3: Understanding Group Development81
Stages of Group81
In Closing116
Chapter 4: Theory and Practice of Group Work117
Theoretical Orientation and Perspectives117
Common Theoretical Perspectives120
Analytic Approaches121
Experiential and Relationship-Oriented Approaches132
Action Approaches146
Systems Perspective166
Other Approaches168
Using an Integrative Approach175
In Closing177
Part III: Developing Agency Skills179
Chapter 5: Understanding Agency Systems and Diverse Client Populations181
Human Service Agencies: General Functions182
Special Issues196
In Closing231
Chapter 6: Ethical and Legal Issues of Group Work in Agency Settings233
Basic Ethical Issues of Group Work233
Group Membership237
Group Leadership251
Ethical Considerations for Group Leaders255
Ethics and Technology259
Potential Ethical Dilemmas273
Agency-Related Ethical Issues274
Challenges of Agency Work274
Guidelines for Ethical Group Work Practice275
In Closing276
Chapter 7: How to Engage in Successful Group Practice within an Agency277
Group Planning282
Group Formation291
Group Implementation302
Group Evaluation303
Common Agency Barriers for Group Development309
Small-Group Exercises for Group Work in Agency Settings309
In Closing311
Part IV: Applying Group and Agency Skills313
Chapter 8: Application of Skills: A Lifespan Approach315
Group Work with Children315
General Treatment Considerations for Working with Children317
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Children’s Group319
Group Work with Adolescents327
Depression Support Group for Teens330
Group Work with Adults338
Anxiety Adult Support Group342
Group Work with Older Adults and the Medically lll352
Loss Support Group357
Diabetes Support Group368
Author Index405
Subject Index415
About the CD-ROM429