Joel Stager, David Tanner

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Published30th April 2008
Print ISBN9780632059140
Edition2nd edition
Subjects:Sports injuries & medicine
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The long awaited new edition of Swimming updates the highly successful first edition edited by Costill, Maglishco and Richardson which was published in the early 1990s. The Second Edition contains less material on how to swim and more on the physics of swimming. It contains information on the latest methods of analyzing swim performances.

It presents current sports science knowledge specifically relevant to coaching swimmers at club, county or national level. Covering characteristics of swimming including important concepts in propulsion, functional anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, biomechanics and psychology.

The Handbooks of Sports Medicine and Science present basic clinical and scientific information in a clear style and format as related to specific sports events drawn from the Olympic Summer and Winter Games. Each Handbook is written by a small team of authorities co-ordinated by an editor who has international respect and visibility in the particular sport activity. Their charge is to present material for medical doctors who work with athletes, team coaches who have academic preparation in basic science, physical therapists and other allied health personnel, and knowledgeable athletes. Each volume represents up-to-date information on the basic biology of the sport, conditioning techniques, nutrition, and the medical aspects of injury prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation.

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Table of Contents

Handbook of Sports Medicine and Science Swimming1
List of contributors8
Foreword by the IOC9
Foreword by FINA10
1 Energy systems13
2 Central adaptations: heart, blood, and lung32
3 Peripheral adaptations: the skeletal muscles47
4 The mechanics of swimming63
5 Resistance and propulsion71
6 Psychology114
7 Medical issues related to swimming127
8 Training and testing of competitive swimmer140