Clinical Nutrition in Practice

Nikolaos Katsilambros, Charilaos Dimosthenopoulos, Meropi D. Kontogianni, Evangelia Manglara, Kalliopi-Anna Poulia

Clinical Nutrition in Practice
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Published27th May 2010
Print ISBN9781405180849
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Edition1st edition
Subjects:Dietetics & nutrition
Thema 1.1:MBNH3
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An easy-to-use book with questions on clinical nutrition clearly posed and answers based on real-life studies, this is a ready reference for the busy healthcare professional.

Clinical Nutrition in Practice opens with introductory chapters on the basis of healthy nutrition, malnutrition and nutritional assessment. These are followed by chapters addressing the nutritional needs of patients with obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid and neurologic disorders, as well as diseases of various organ systems, such as the GI tract, renal and pulmonary systems. Special attention is given to describing nutrition in cancer patients and those with HIV/AIDS and the book concludes with a discussion of enteral and parenteral nutrition.

Nutritionists, dietitians and other health professionals working with patients with impaired nutrition or special nutritional requirements, such as diabetologists, endocrinologists (especially those treating obesity), cardiologists and oncologists will find this a refreshing approach to an important subject. Nurses, medical students and those working in the food industry will also find this a handy guide.

  • Easy-to-follow style with questions clearly posed and answers based on real-life case studies
  • Outlines the basics of healthy nutrition, malnutrition and nutritional assessment
  • Detailed consideration of the nutritional needs of patients with a variety of chronic diseases, e.g. cardiovascular or rheumatoid disorders, cancer and HIV/AIDS
  • Uses an interesting contemporary approach that health professionals will find a refreshing change

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Table of Contents

Clinical Nutrition in Practice3
1 Principles of Healthy Nutrition11
2 Nutritional Assessment37
3 Malnutrition47
4 Weight Management and Eating Disorders55
5 Diabetes71
6 Hypertension and Cardiovascular Diseases89
7 Gastrointestinal Diseases103
8 Renal Disease137
9 Pulmonary Diseases149
10 Life Expectancy153
11 HIV/AIDS157
12 Metabolic Stress165
13 Neoplastic Diseases173
14 Rheumatic Diseases181
15 Nutrition and Anaemias191
16 Neurological and Mental Disorders197
17 Enteral Nutrition207
18 Parenteral Nutrition215
19 Food Allergy223