Clinical Paediatric Dietetics

Vanessa Shaw, Margaret Lawson

Clinical Paediatric Dietetics
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Published15th April 2008
Print ISBN9780632052417
Edition2nd edition
Subjects:Dietetics & nutrition
Thema 1.1:MBNH3
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This standard work for practising dietitians and students has been revised to reflect the growing importance of nutritional support in many paediatric conditions and the numerous advances which have occurred since the first edition was published in 1994. Fully comprehensive and covering all disorders of the body systems relating to nutrition, it includes enteral and parenteral feeding, the nutrition and feeding of premature infants, diseases of organ systems, lipid disorders, nutrition for children with feeding difficulties, burns, obesity and failure to thrive.

The second edition has expanded the range of disorders and treatments described, with additional information on nutritional assessment, inborn errors of metabolism, food allergy and intolerance, immunodeficiency syndromes and gastroenterology. Arranged under headings of disorders of organ systems rather than type of diet, and with much information presented in tabular form, the manual is easy to use. Dietary restrictions due either to customs, religious beliefs or environmental conditions which may affect the nutritional adequacy of the diet of the growing child are also discussed.

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Table of Contents

SECTION 1 Introduction15
1 Principles of Paediatric Dietetics17
2 Provision of Nutrition in a Hospital Setting33
SECTION 2 Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition43
3 Enteral Feeding45
4 Parenteral Nutrition57
SECTION 3 Preterm and Low Birthweight Nutrition67
5 Preterm Infants69
SECTION 4 Diseases of Organ Systems81
6 The Gastrointestinal Tract83
7 Anatomical Abnormalities of the Gastrointestinal Tract111
8 The Liver and Pancreas124
9 Diabetes Mellitus140
10 Cystic Fibrosis151
11 The Kidney172
12 The Cardiothoracic System196
13 The Immune System207
– Food Allergy and Intolerance207
– Immunodeficiency Syndromes228
– HIV and AIDS232
14 Ketogenic Diet for Epilepsy236
SECTION 5 Inborn Errors of Metabolism247
15 Disorders of Amino Acid Metabolism, Organic Acidaemias and Urea Cycle Defects249
– Phenylketonuria249
– Homocystinuria281
16 Disorders of Carbohydrate Metabolism309
17 Disorders of Fatty Acid Oxidation330
SECTION 6 Lipids341
18 Lipid Disorders343
SECTION 7 Peroxisomal Disorders351
19 Refsum’s Disease353
20 X-linked Adrenoleukodystrophy359
SECTION 8 Childhood Cancers363
21 Nutritional Support: Leukaemias, Lymphomas and Solid Tumours365
SECTION 9 Eating Disorders and Obesity375
22 Eating Disorders377
23 Obesity385
SECTION 10 Other Conditions Requiring Nutritional Support and Advice395
24 Epidermylosis Bullosa397
25 Burns410
26 Nutrition for Children with Feeding Difficulties417
27 Failure to Thrive437
28 Children from Ethnic Minorities and those following Cultural Diets445
Appendix I Manufacturers of Dietetic Products463
Appendix II Dietetic Products465