Comparative Democratic Politics:A Guide to Contemporary Theory and Research

Hans Keman

Comparative Democratic Politics:A Guide to Contemporary Theory and Research
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Published1st March 2002
Print ISBN9780761954767
PublisherSAGE Publications
Subjects:Comparative politics, Political structures: democracy, Political parties
Thema 1.1:JPB, JPHV, JPL
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Democracy is the most widely used way of organizing politics in the contemporary world. Comparative Democratic Politics brings together a team of renowned international scholars to provide a comprehensive review of theory and research in this essential area of comparative study. A key aim to the book is to introduce and understand representative democracy as a political process and contemporary system of governance in need of constant attention and scrutiny.

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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents6
List of Figures13
List of Tables14
Notes on the Editor and Contributors16
Preface and Acknowledgements19
Part I: The Comparative Approach to Democracy22
Chapter 1 - The comparative approach to democracy24
Chapter 2 - The development of the study of comparative politics37
Chapter 3 - Comparing democracies: Theories and evidence53
Part II: Parties and government in democracies84
Chapter 4 - Comparative government and democracy: Modelling party democracy across 16 countries86
Chapter 5 - Voters, elections and ideology in European democracies120
Chapter 6 - In the aggregate: Mass electoral behaviour in western Europe, 1950-2000143
Part III: Democratic institutions and political action162
Chapter 7 - Interest intermediation: The cases of consociational democracy and corporatism164
Chapter 8 - The impact of political parties, constitutional structures and veto players on public policy187
Chapter 9 - Comparative politics and the welfare state206
Part IV: The Political performance of democracies234
Chapter 10 - Policy performance in the Democratic state: An emergent field of study236
Chapter 11 - Democratic performance: Are there institutional effects?254
Chapter 12 - Democratic institutions, governance and political performance278