The Real You Diet

Madelyn Fernstrom

The Real You Diet
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Published20th November 2009
Print ISBN9780470371800
Edition1st edition
Subjects:Diets & dieting
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From one of the nation's leading weight-loss specialists, the diet and nutrition expert from the Today show and that really work to lose weight and keep it off

As a clinician, researcher, and media expert, Dr. Madelyn Fernstrom knows how you can lose weight. Her toolbox approach to weight loss is different from standard one-size-fits-all programs because you don't need to adapt to the plan; this plan adapts to you. It introduces you to the four types of tools that must work together for effective weight loss: eating, activity, behavior, and medical/biological. Do you overeat from stress or boredom? Do you like to exercise alone or with a group? The answers to these questions and others will unlock the unique weight-loss toolkit that's right for you. With some honest self-evaluation, you'll be able to explore and compare all of the options for weight loss in a single book. The right combination of tools, hand-picked by you, will support your weight loss and, later, weight stability over the long haul.

  • Helps you develop your own unique path to weight loss?not a one-size-fits-all approach
  • Addresses the four key areas for successful weight loss: eating, activity, behavior, and medical/biology
  • Includes self-assessment quizzes and mini-tools to put into action right away
  • Shows you how to keep going through plateaus and how to overcome obstacles
Fernstrom guides you through each step of your weight-loss journey to help you make and keep a personal connection and commitment to your goals as you work to achieve them?your way.

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Table of Contents

The Real You Diet: Your Personal Program for Lasting Weight Loss1
How to Use This Book: Finding the Real You13
Chapter 1: The Real You Approach to Weight Loss15
Choosing the Tools to Build a BEAM Box17
The Four-Point Foundation of the BEAM Box19
Power Tools: Supporting a Lifestyle Effort22
Finding the Real You22
Chapter 2: Size Yourself Up: How to Create Your BEAM Box23
Ten Steps to Building Your BEAM Box24
The Self-Evaluation Process27
Hidden Causes of Weight Gain30
Fernstrom Fundamentals: Twelve Steps to Long-Term Weight-Loss Success33
Chapter 3: Behavioral Tools: Breaking Those Barriers to Success35
The Ten Most Important Behavioral Tools36
Fernstrom Fundamentals58
Two Final Tools63
Avoid Boredom: When to Switch Tools64
Chapter 4: Eating and Food Tools: Choosing What to Eat67
Chapter 5: Activity Tools: Deciding How and When to Move105
Adding Up Daily Activity106
Using the RPE Scale108
Your Physical Activity Temperament112
Activity of Daily Living: Moving More Every Day113
Aerobic Activity: Picking Up the Pace116
Strength Training119
Interval Training124
Mind-Body Activity126
Chapter 6: Medical and Biological Tools: Addressing Your Health Issues129
How to Talk to Your Doctor about Your Weight130
Sizing Yourself Up133
Talking to Your Doctor about the Power Tools: Prescription Medication and Surgery135
Chapter 7: The Real You Plan: BEAM Your Way to Success139
Phase 1: Creating Your Seven-Day Plan140
Phase 2: The Next Fourteen Days: Adjusting Your Plan to Sustain a Habit149
The Real You Starter Snack List157
The Real You Anytime Foods and Drinks159
Managing Food Cravings160
Creating a Healthy Kitchen162
Supermarket Shopping Tips164
Chapter 8: Power Tools: Weight-Loss Medications and Surgery177
Prescription Medications178
“Off-Label” Prescription Medications187
Over-the-Counter Products189
Weight-Loss Surgery194
Chapter 9: Life after Weight Loss: Body Contouring211
Body-Contouring Basics212
Nonsurgical Options: All about Fillers220
The Real You Recipe File223
Appendix A: Understanding Your BMI238
Appendix B: Web Resources242
Appendix C: The Real You Tools243