Dramatherapy with Myth and Fairytale

Pat Watts, Camilla Jessel, Jenny Pearson, Mary Smail, Alida Gersie

Dramatherapy with Myth and Fairytale
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Published28th May 2013
Print ISBN9780857004383
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PublisherJessica Kingsley Publishers
Subjects:Creative therapy (eg art, music, drama), Folklore, myths & legends, Analytical & Jungian psychology
Thema 1.1:MQTC, JBGB, JMAJ
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Myths and fairytales are our rich heritage; a veritable feast of ancient wisdom passed down through the ages in the memorable form of stories. While almost any story will have deep meaning to some individuals, some of the time, this book presents a collection of stories that these maestros of dramatherapy have found to have a powerful effect almost without fail. These are the 'golden' stories of Sesame. The authors introduce the Sesame approach and describe the advantages of using myth and fairy tale as a central theme in a therapy session. The Sesame approach has been found to produce striking results with myriad client groups, including individuals with learning difficulties, offenders in psychiatric settings and children with emotional and behavioural difficulties and adults in mental health care. Dramatherapy with Myth and Fairytale provides a treasure trove of timeless stories that can be adapted and applied to the needs of different client groups and the style of each therapist. It also includes introductory exercises, warm-ups and scene setting suggestions. The book will be an invaluable source of inspiration for dramatherapists and dramatherapy students, creative arts therapists, storytellers, psychotherapists, Jungian psychoanalysts, teachers and play therapists.

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Table of Contents

Dramatherapy with Myth and Fairytale4
Part 1: Working with Myth and Fairytale35
Chapter 1: Getting into a Myth Session36
Chapter 2: Entering the World of Stories43
Chapter 3: Entering and Leaving the Place of Myth57
Chapter 4: Making Space for Soul Talk: Recent Research75
Part II: The Stories85
Abu Kasem’s Slippers86
Akinidi and the Coming of Happiness88
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves91
Amaterasu the Sun Goddess92
The Bad People96
Beauty and the Beast98
The Boy who Lived with Bears100
Chiron the Wounded Healer104
Coyote and the Land of the Dead106
Creation Myth of the Mayans108
Demeter and Persephone109
Eurynome and the Egg of the Cosmos116
The Flowering Tree117
The Great White Bird124
The Handless Maiden125
The Healing Herb147
The Holy Grail149
The Hymn of the Pearl152
In the Beginning154
Inanna in the Underworld156
Iron Hans160
Jumping Mouse164
King Laurin167
The Lion, the Young Man and the Black Storm Tree171
The Little Earth Cow173
Loki and Baldur176
The Magic Drum178
The Mysteries of Orpheus182
The Myth of Er184
Prince Ring186
Psyche and Eros188
The Queen Bee190
The Sacred Gift of Song, Dance and Festivity195
The Seal Woman196
The Snow Queen198
The Star Woman200
Stone Soup201
The Story Bag203
The Tengu205
A Thorn in the King’s Foot206
The Three Feathers213
The Three Little Pigs215
Tiddalik the Frog217
The Twin Warrior Heroes219
Water Jar Boy, Childhood of the Human Hero220
Whisky Jack222
The White Snake224
Appendix: Story Notes225